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im so lost... [10 Feb 2015|12:22am]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

So I think about five years late to this party, but if anyone is around I could use the help. I used to live and breathe grillows, and recently I was really missing them. I went to graveshiftcsi and it wasn't there!!!! It makes me so sad, there were so many good fics, and there was one in particular I was really looking for. (Does anyone else remember a fic where Catherine goes to Grissom's high school reunion? Everyone is swarmed around Catherine but she only wants to be with Grissom. Pretty sure the song Dream A Little Dream is used and the title has something to do with bees??) Is everything lost forever??

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FF: Scoubi-doubi-dou [14 Aug 2010|02:11am]

Title: Scoubi-doubi-dou
Author: csiAngel
Rating: Trainee / K
Disclaimer: I do not own CSI
Summary: Defeated, by something four year old children could do…
A/N: Today I launched Operation: I’ve Started So I’ll Finish. I’ve gathered all the part-written fics I have and I am determined to finish as many as possible :) This was started in August 2005. And now it is finished!! It’s short, it’s silly. I apologise.
A/N2: This is also my 201st posted complete fic. I missed celebrating my 200th fic because I didn’t realise I was up to there. So yay for fic 201 :D Anyway…


Fic: To the Day [20 Apr 2010|01:37pm]

TITLE: To the Day
PAIRING: Grissom/Catherine
SPOILERS: None; fourth-season-ish AU
SUMMARY: No one but them understands. To everyone else, the tradition is seen as a little strange -- after all, they've never dated, been married to each other or even shared a kiss. But to them, their anniversary is important.

Don't forget to nominate your favourite fics! [04 Sep 2009|04:10pm]


(will open in a new window)

Nominations close on Saturday 12th September. Make sure your favourite fics are in the running :-)

Shippin' G/C Awards 2009 [15 Aug 2009|06:28pm]


The Shippin' G/C Awards 2009 are now open for nominations of your favourite G/C fics and drabbles. Please use the link below to visit the website and start nominating (will open in a new window) :-)

Shippin' G/C Awards 2009

Closing date for entries is Saturday 12th September.

Have fun!


ps please tell all your G/C fan friends about this. Thanks.

FF: Cupid's Chokehold [22 Feb 2009|05:21pm]

  Thank God. Cupid's Chokehold is back on track. 

I'm writing Chapter 50 at the moment, which sounds utterly ridiculous. I don't understand how I've let it become this long, but in my mind at some point, it just had to be this way. FF.net and GraveshiftCSI only have up to about Chapter 38 but they are coming. I'm just sometimes too lazy to post online. I need to get this done and then I can start posting without hesitation. 

Thank you to those who have been keeping up with the story. Everyone on FF and Graveshift that have been giving me such wonderful reviews...I really thank you all. :)

Stay tuned! We're almost there. 



- Gravey

Graveshiftcsi Calendar 2009 [26 Nov 2008|06:47pm]


Due to interest, we have decided to produce a 2009 Calendar. This one will be entitled 'a matter of time' - because, we all know it, it's only a matter of time before Gil and Cath get together :-D

For those of you who remember the 2007 calendar, it's going to be done in the same way. It will be a desktop calendar, with each month designed by a different person (if we get enough volunteers).

Full information on what will be required and how to sign up can be found here:

Graveshiftcsi Calendar 2009

In brief:

Deadline to sign up: Dec 3rd
Deadline for submission of artwork: Dec 28th
Calendar available from: Dec 31st

But please visit the above site and read all information before
working on anything.

If you'd like to see 2007's calendar, it can be downloaded here:

Graveshiftcsi Calendar 2007

I look forward to seeing the end result. Hope some of you are able to
join in.

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50 Fics Challenge FF: Soothing [16 Nov 2008|10:55am]

[ mood | creative ]

Title: Soothing

Summary: Catherine spends too long at a scene.

Disclaimers: CSI Crime Scene Investigation does not belong to me, they
are the property of CBS, Alliance Atlantis, Jerry Bruckheimer and the
wonderful actors who portray them.

Author's Notes: This is by far the shortest fic I've ever written. The
entire concept for this fic came out of our chat yesterday while we were
frantically counting the number of fics we had for this challenge and
trying to finish our fics. Once we realized that we were going to be
short a few fics, we had an idea. A series of drabbles or ficlets about
moments of Gil and Cath's life together in Vegas. So expect to see a few
fics in the Moments In Vegas challenge pop up today... And if anyone
would like to write a Moment in Vegas, feel free. It's kind of a fun way
to use those little ideas that come to mind that aren't really full
fledged fics. Thanks to Jac for looking over this for me and giving me
the okay to post. I'm a bit nervous, since it's short and I've never
written a drabblesque type of fic. And lots of thanks for the title... I
really hate titles.

Rating: CSI-1

Spoilers: Not a thing.

Distribution: The GraveshiftCSI Homepage

Click here for the fic...or the ficletCollapse )

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50 Fics for Marg! [16 Nov 2008|03:23pm]

The 50 fics challenge is well under way over at the yahoo group. We've also just introduced a 'Moments in Vegas' challenge - for fics of any length about any moment Gil and Cath share in Vegas. So if you're a G/C fic author, give it a go. I just wrote a drabble for that in under ten minutes :-D

It's fun.

Hope to see you all posting :-D
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50 fics challenge... [01 Nov 2008|02:15pm]

So I'm finally getting back to things. I've never been good at updating this, and I'm sure I'll never be the best at it, but there's always hope.

Somehow I got talked into doing a 50 fics challenge for Marg's Birthday this year. I don't know how, because the other ones took a few months of preparation and writing, and now we have 15 days. So we'll see how that goes.

If anyone is interest in taking part, or just spreading the word here is a webpage for the challenge that Jaclyn graciously set up.


Hopefully we'll get it accomplished... and now, I have to write.

14 CSI/Marg Helgenberger Icons [07 Aug 2008|10:18pm]

[6] Marg Helgenberger Icons
[8] CSI Icons

[5] The Closer Icons


The rest are at My Journal. Enjoy!

[04 May 2008|06:09pm]

Title: The Best of Us (Part 2)

Author: Coco

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Catherine finds herself in a delicate situation and she has to cope
with it while trying to balance a rapidly declining relationship with her
daughter, a love-hate relationship with her mother and the budding romance
between she and Grissom.

Disclaimer: I don't own CSI or its characters and I don't make any claim to
own anything here.

Spoilers: Knowing what happened in season 8 regarding Sara is a must.

Part One

( When Grissom got home one day the following week he found a note taped to his front door from his next door neighbor. )

icons [26 Apr 2008|09:15pm]

[04] grillows
[02] gil grissom
[01] 8x12 CSI


Photobucket Photobucket

more in my Journal

Wallpapers [25 Feb 2008|09:53pm]

 2 WP...
[1] CSI
[1] Marg


15 CSI Icons, 1 MH Banner & 1 MC Banner [22 Feb 2008|11:54am]

[12] CSI Icons - Catherine/GC
[3] Marg Helgenberger Icons

[10] The Closer Icons
[1] Marg Helgenberger Banner
[1] Melinda Clarke Banner

These are some random icons I made a while back that I never got around to posting.

Rules are HERE


The rest are @ My Journal.

[17 Feb 2008|12:22am]

I posted this a while ago but I never actually promoted it, I don't think. So here's my newest Crime Scene Instigation comic ♥


♥ Coco

[03 Feb 2008|05:40pm]

[ 36 ] House, MD
[ 30 ] The X-Files
[ 20 ] Crime Scene Investigation

// //

Icons Over Here @ madampresident


[23 Dec 2007|04:26pm]


audrina, lauren conrad, beyonce, marg helgenberg
total count: 85 icons



-comment and credit if taking.
-credit rainbowkissesx3

more here.


Wallpaper [09 Dec 2007|12:35pm]

Oh hey, I do belong to a Grissom/Catherine community. o.O Shows what I know.

The Scientist

My other wallpapers.

Fic: Flickering (1/1) [16 Nov 2007|08:47pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Title: Flickering
Summary: Gil and Catherine have a birthday dinner at his townhouse.
Notes: Wow, it feels good to get back to these characters. I didn't realize how much I had missed them. Also, Gil is not with Sara in this fic.
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I own nothing associated with the television show CSI.

It's here at fiddlings.


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